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Make your book by following these steps
1Download our free software.
Our software makes layouting your book fast and easy. You get professional looking results with minimum effort. With built in tools to adjust your photos, add text captions and built in templates. If you're in a hurry, you can select "auto-add" of your photos. Download it now.
After you've proofed your book and text carefully, it's time to upload your book. Click on the Shopping Cart icon in the software to start the payment and uploading process. You will need a decent internet connection and some time to upload you book. The usual book is anywhwere between 50 and 100 megabytes as it contains high resolution photos.
When the shopping cart appears, please select the quantity of copies you want of the book and if you have any other requests like upgraded paper or binding. (We give discounts for bulk orders of the same book!) The shopping cart will then determine the total price. For orders within the Philippines, shipping of photo books is always free. Now, select your payment method, either via PayPal or if you have a voucher, please input your voucher code.
We will send the confirmation of your order and let you know the day of delivery. It takes 7 working days for us to deliver your book. For follow ups or futher inquiry you can send us an email or call our hotline.
Photobook Central guarantees the quality of your book. We have a long, excellent history of professional bookmaking.